What is Required to Register for M3P?

M3P is offered as a discounted wholesale annual subscription service to each association. The annual subscription cost is determined by the number of association members who chose to opt-in for this premium subscription service. A modest annual fee is added to the association annual membership fee. Associations may also charge a registration administration fee to members to generate extra revenue.

The association will provide a spreadsheet of registered members that will participate in the M3P search portal that includes company name, company website, company profile information, contact information and categories of products and services offered by each member. The member website URL and company profile information are then entered into the M3P crawler engine for automatic retrieval and indexing of content from the website of each registered member. Only content from registered member websites is returned in the search results.

No long term work commitment is required by member companies, other than responding to leads and  monitoring the monthly business intelligence and search analytics reports.