The Role Search Plays in Next Generation Customer Experiences

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: customer experience is the key to success in 2013. According to the User Experience Survey Report, 74 per cent of businesses believe user experience is key for improving sales and conversions. As noted in the Customers 1st blog post, Your 2013 Customer Experience Checklist, customer experience has been identified as a huge opportunity for growth in that “the organizations who are doing it right are seeing profits soar above those who have not.”

But what many companies may not realize is that Enterprise Search can play a critical role in this regard. When considering your tool kit for customer engagement, Enterprise Search should not only be added to this list, it should be a top priority.

How Can Search Make a Difference?

If you agree that search has become the primary way for navigation and finding information within a website, then it follows that customer experience is directly linked to search interaction. If the search experience on a company website is not engaging and the returned information is not relevant to the customer, the majority of visitors will have abandoned the website after three unnecessary clicks.

While most call center managers are aware their company can save money every time a user is able to effectively answer his or her support issue online, many organizations still do not have an effective Enterprise Search strategy in place.

This needs to change. Your customers want the support experience to be engaging and productive. And Enterprise Search Optimization (E-SEO) is the answer.


What is E-SEO and How Does it Impact Customer Experience?

E-SEO is the process of tuning the company’s website internal search engine and content structure on a company’s website to deliver highly engaging and relevant information that meets user needs. When properly deployed and managed, an E-SEO strategy will boost customer engagement, user satisfaction and company profitability.

From an E-SEO strategy perspective, user engagement and online experience are all about making intelligent use of available information and leveraging the internal search technology to deliver highly engaging and applicable search results that match the customer needs in his or her current context. Companies that are successful in properly executing their E-SEO strategy will see:

  • Increased web activity
  • Improved productivity rates
  • Enhanced customer service operations
  • Stronger customer relationships


Strengthening Your Customer Experience Strategy

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit taking place April 8th to 10th in Boston, MA promises to provide “unparalleled facilitation of provocation, collaborating and communication of higher level thinking around the alignment of customer strategy with business relevant aspirations.”

Featured speakers will explore four key themes:

Design: How voice of customer (VOC) data and design principles can be used to engineer experiences across your organization.

Measure: How to drive change and optimize your sales force by measuring customer feedback through the entire customer experience.

Strategize: How to interpret, analyze and evaluate your customer strategy to ensure business relevance.

Align: Integrating and leveraging your customer touch points – measurement and ROI, linkage, VOC, technology, design principles, operational metrics, and senior leadership – to structure a successful and meaningful program.


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