Introducing – Membership Product Promotion Platform for Associations (M3P )

M3P is a specialized hosted search platform offering that is designed with the objective of meeting the needs of trade associations that are looking for easy to manage solution to promote the brands, products and services of their membership.

A simple search box is placed in your association website that is connected to the M3P service. Visitors to your website can then use this search box to enter member company name or product name. Search results are returned, along with member company logo and company profile information. When the user clicks on one of the search results they are directed to the member website.

Driving additional customer traffic to member websites, increasing brand promotion and generating industry wide BI reports are among key value added services that associations can offer by leveraging the M3P services.


How Does it Work?

Cloud Search PortalTM technology is used to automatically crawl and index the websites of all your member companies. This crawl process starts from the landing page of each website, similar to the way Google or Bing would crawl your website, to create a searchable index. Unlike Google, this index will now only have content from the registered members of your association. The search service can then be accessed from a search box that is placed on the association’s website to return results that match any entered member company name or product name keywords.

M3P can therefore be deployed with minimal effort required on the part of the association or its membership.

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