M3P Service Features and Benefits

The following table highlights some of the key features and benefits of the M3P service.

Service Features Benefits

Business Intelligence Reports

  • Search keyword trends within industry
  • Member search performance compared to industry
  • Website SEO optimization

These are automated reports that are generated monthly. They provide a wealth of actionable information and industry trends insight that is especially valuable to the larger companies.

Lead Generation

  • Direct contact by qualified leads
  • Generate leads from potential cusotmers outside traditional marketing reach

The lead generation feature allows potential buyers to directly request for more information by sending their contact information directly the member company contact person.

Lead generation can be vital to the survival of smaller companies.

Social media marketing of the M3P platform may reach potential customers outside traditional marketing reach for many member companies.

Brand promotion

Website image or company logo are always presented along with the returned search results.

Company profile discovery

Prospective buyers can click on company logo/image to learn more about each company included in search results.

Product and services discovery

Product search keywords entered will lead to discovery of member companies that offer the services.

Adding new channel for visitors to find you

The M3P search engine can be promoted in various social media websites and product buyer forums to generate new additional set of visitors who would normally not find the member website

Networking between members and service providers

The M3P search engine can be used to promoter networking between members, suppliers and service providers.


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