The Difference Between SEO and E-SEO, and Why You Need Both

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What is the tool of choice for anyone looking to solve an unanswered question, find a product or service, or locate a business? The answer is obvious: search. Google alone handles nearly 100 billion searches a month – a number that only continues to rise.

The Internet is the fastest growing sales funnel. In order to get an edge on this platform and ensure web visitors are visiting your website before your competitors’, they must be able to find you. Businesses must embrace SEO – failure to do so leaves you invisible in search results.

However, SEO is only the beginning. Once you have discovered how to increase visitor traffic to your website, you must know how to retain these visitors and convert them to customers. This is where your E-SEO (Enterprise Search Engine Optimization) strategy comes into play. And Cloud Search Portal can help.


SEO Drives Traffic to Your Website

 We’re living in the realm of Big Data – it’s no longer enough to just have a website online.  You need to have quality content that helps web visitors discover you, encourages them to engage with you, and keeps them coming back for more.

When users search online, they are typing certain keywords into the search bar. Search keywords are very specific. And if it is your product or service they are searching for, you want to ensure you come up in the results before your competitors do. Optimizing your website by applying SEO best practices is key to being found by search engines. There are thousands of great articles on this subject that you can search and find on the internet.


E-SEO Gives Visitors Reason to Stick Around

Once your site is optimized for search and your web traffic is increasing – what’s next?

The next step is to pay attention to the user interaction on your website.

Web users usually know what they’re looking for, and they want to find it immediately. Studies show that thirty-three per cent of visitors will abandon a website for every unnecessary click when looking for information.

User retention in search is only seconds long, and enterprises that do not deliver within this time constraint lose customers.

The number one focus of E-SEO is to optimize the search experience on your website so that it delivers up-to-date and relevant information that meets the needs of the end user.

Your E-SEO strategy must be properly aligned with marketing campaigns, and it must be customized to recognize and highlight the marketing keywords used in these campaigns. It is equally important to ensure your Enterprise Search is in tune with the way users are interacting with your website.

In other words, your Enterprise Search must be aware of user context and adjust returned search results accordingly. By leveraging smart search technology, enterprises not only reduce the number of times customers are redirected to call centers, but they improve customer satisfaction and, therefore, customer retention.


How We Can Help

The Cloud Search Portal team offers a wealth of expertise in operating high availability search solutions, putting the experience from hundreds of successful mission critical search applications to work for your company. With full service search management, you can rest assured that your search solution is operating at peak performance and fully leverages the capabilities of a world-class search technology platform.

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