Getting Started

The purely technical aspect of deploying your search service on the cloudsearchportal platform is a rather straightforward four step process:

  1.  Register
  2.  Configure the web crawler to specify what websites should be crawled and indexed for searching
  3. Point the search box on your website to retrieve results from the cloudsearchportal service
  4. Optimize and tune the returned search results to deliver the most relevant results to each user type.

Using this process, you should be able to register and start seeing search results for your website in less than ten minutes. If your interest is conducting a quick evaluation, please contact us for a free demo and registration credentials.
However, the migration and optimization process of an enterprise level search service requires consideration of a number of business factors.
Helping you go through the evaluation and analysis of the business related factors, that are directly and uniquely relevant to your search service needs, is where we deliver value add and highest return on your investment.

The following steps are the more typical best practices for deployment of enterprise search to the cloud:

  • Attend a one hour orientation session to get a full appreciation of the cloudsearchportal platform, its functional capabilities and what opportunities it might offer you to improve the quality of your current search service offerings
  • Engage our search technology experts to conduct a detailed analysis of your current search infrastructure and to understand your search related business requirements
  • Use the output from the requirements analysis stage to conduct a pilot project that will demonstrate the search best practices based recommendations that are identified to help achieve your business objectives
  • We will then work with you to develop a detailed migration and deployment plan that can be executed to move your search service to the cloudsearchportal platform with minimal impact to your end users and your other search and content publishing related internal processes.

If this process sounds like what you had in mind, please contact us. We would be happy to provide more details.