ACIS Consulting Takes Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint to the Cloud

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(Toronto , Canada July 19, 2012) –   ACIS Consulting Inc. (ACIS) is today announcing the availability of CloudSearchPortal, a cloud-based search service similar to Amazon’s CloudSearch but with a primary focus on the needs of enterprise customers. CloudSearchPortal extends Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint to support multi-tenant operation and enables delivery of  a much improved search capability for enterprise websites without the need for custom programming or dedicated server infrastructures.

Providers of Application Hosting Services deploy CloudSearchPortal to increase revenue and differentiate their service.  CloudSearchPortal is deployed at a major Canadian Tier 3 data center and is available for immediate use by enterprises that wish to improve the quality of their search service while, at the same time, reducing their total cost of operation.

CloudSearchPortal is designed to operate either as an outsourced cloud hosted service or as a service hosted within internal cloud or data center.  The key advantages of choosing a cloud-based service are low initial costs, volume-based pricing, scalable capacity and access to search expertise on a shared basis.

“We’re very excited to see that our partners are recognizing the value of FAST Search for SharePoint as a platform for building search-based applications,” said Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint Product Marketing at Microsoft. “Solutions like ACIS CloudSearchPortal provide great value to customers by giving their users greater access to relevant information and helping them to answer questions or solve problems.”

The ACIS-developed extensions to Microsoft FAST Server 2010 for SharePoint allow CloudSearchPortal to be easily shared and managed by different departments or even by more than one company.  Remote administration of basic functions such as content crawling, index management and result tailoring are all available to each CloudSearchPortal customer.  Enhanced enterprise-oriented features include multi-language support, configurable look-and-feel and sophisticated content promotions management.

“Companies that manage and deliver large volumes of web content to thousands of clients know that Enterprise Search is a strategic application that must quickly connect users to the information they need ” said Efrem Habteselassie, principal at ACIS Consulting,  “Our cloud-based search solution is geared towards enterprise-class customers who, in addition to running a world-class search platform, also need to leverage our search technology expertise to deliver a much enhanced search experience that meets or exceeds their client’s expectations”

By taking advantage of the turnkey nature of CloudSearchPortal, customers are able to offer best of breed services with lower initial cost and with fewer experts on staff.  ACIS provides experienced resources to deploy and support CloudSearchPortal, to develop and support the SharePoint extensions, and to consult on search service configuration, performance monitoring and search results optimization.

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About ACIS Consulting:

ACIS Consulting Inc., a Microsoft partner, specializes in Enterprise Search systems integration and the management of Knowledge Discovery technology.  ACIS was established in 1992 in Toronto, Canada as a reseller and systems integrator for the FAST Search family of products (now owned by Microsoft).  ACIS has been developing FAST Enterprise Search solutions since 2003 for major customers including the New York Times, McGraw-Hill Publications, Ontario Government, and Canwest Global Communications.  CloudSearchPortal builds upon almost 20 years of ACIS development and delivery experience gained from dedicated, in-house implementations of FAST Search.

For frequently asked questions, fact sheets and whitepapers, please contact us at (416) 269-9994.

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