Leveraging Search Technology to Reduce Customer Redirect to Call Centers

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Customer Support

Imagine the following scenario: a user visits the support section of your company website to search for guidelines on how to address a specific issue regarding usage of your product ; only to become lost in a maze of marketing brochures describing how fantastic the merchandise is. The customer grows tired and disgruntled with his efforts and resorts to picking up the phone and dialing the call center number. Because the customer is already frustrated after searching for answers in vain, the call center is already at a disadvantage before they even answer the phone.

The vast majority of customers who use call centers have visited the company website first. Did you know companies save $20 every time a user is able to effectively search for the answer to his or her support issue online? For corporations that have hundreds of thousands of phone calls a year, reducing the call volume by even 10 per cent will lead to a significant cost reduction.

Search needs to be smart

Customer Support

Your enterprise search must be aware of user context and adjust returned search results accordingly. By leveraging smart search technology, enterprises not only reduce the number of times customers are redirected to call centers, but they improve customer satisfaction and, therefore, customer retention.

In order to correctly respond to customer needs for support information, your search must process all product support related information, regardless of whether the content is in PDF documents, Word documents and/or video.

In order to provide proper self-help service, your website must offer the following:

-  User guides and product specifications

-  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

-  Detailed how-to videos and step-by-step instructions

- Search intelligence to prominently highlight content that is being asked by large numbers of users on the subject that is being searched

- Results that are tuned to return the most up-to-date and most relevant results matching the user specific needs in the specific context.

Even More Search Intelligence Through CSR Participation
It is equally important that customer support representatives (CSR) are able to provide instant answers while serving customers in real time. Customer support representatives can greatly influence the search experience for the customer if they are provided with tools for directly identifying and boosting content that customers find helpful.

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