How to Get the Best Results from Enterprise Search

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In previous blog posts, we’ve challenged you to assess the effectiveness of your website search.

We’ve led you through all of the reasons whyEnterprise Search is so valuable to your business. And we’ve explained how you can leverage this technology to improve customer experience. What many organizations neglect to recognize, however, is that Enterprise Search requires ongoing optimization in order to ensure top performance levels.

There is a common misunderstanding that suggests an Enterprise Search install has a “set it and forget it” attitude. In this post, we will explore why regular maintenance of website search is important.


Updating Website Search for Ongoing Promotions

“The maintenance and updating of the search engine is a must if companies are going to get good return on their search technology, and indeed on their website publishing investments,” said Efrem Habteselassie, Principal, ACIS Consulting. Search technology should be adjusted to return special promotions and content spotlighting that is relevant to your business focus at any given time.

Think of the advertising and merchandise presentation in department stores. The store displays are always changing to reflect the seasons and special holidays or events. During the slow months, many stores will schedule special promotions to attract more customers. Search technology works in a similar way, in that it must always be updated to suit the current marketing and sales activities.


Using Search Analytics & Content Indexing

“Search analytics always offer important insights into what information users are searching for on your website,” Habteselassie said. Marketing and sales teams should be able to view this data so they can note what search results are being returned for each of the popular keywords.  They can then tune the results ranking to ensure the most important documents related to specific keywords are listed at the top. This is an ongoing process that requires regular assessments and adjustments.

It is also important to ensure the content that is being indexed remains fresh and relevant. “Outdated content should be removed from the search index,” said Habteselassie. “This is especially pertinent to product promotions or events that have expired.”


When Properly Maintained, Search Can Pay for Itself

Depending on the website and the role search plays in revenue generation as well as cost reduction, properly maintained search solutions can pay huge dividends. “When search is core to the enterprise business, it can pay for itself within six to nine months,” Habteselassie said.

The better you care for your Enterprise Search project, the higher the return. Give your customers the results they are looking for and your business will thrive.

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