What is Hosted Search and What Can It Do For Your Business?

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What is Hosted Search and What Can It Do For Your Business?

The production of data in our world is exploding at an astonishing rate. Experts now predict a 4300 per cent increase in annual data generation by 2020, meaning data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. The number of webpages activated on the Internet today has increased by several orders of magnitude.

While this abundance of data creates many opportunities for innovation, competition and productivity, it also brings certain challenges. All this data will need to be processed, indexed and categorized so it can be easily retrieved when needed . This processed massive data volume must be manipulated stored and made available for searching quickly and cost effectively. After all your information asset is only as valuable as it is searchable.

The Problem: Search Strategy Paradox

In previous posts we’ve discussed search strategy paradox and how, while search is recognizably ubiquitous and understood as the primary route of accessing relevant information, it still tends to be neglected in day-to-day operational management of a company’s online business. There are many reasons why this may be the case, such as:

  1. No one within the corporation has been identified as the person responsible for tracking search performance and quantifying the opportunity lost due to poor implementation.
  2. In the situations where there is a search service manager identified, they may be too bogged down with management of the technology platform and don’t have enough cycles left to look into customer satisfaction and business metrics associated with search.
  3. In some cases, it may be due to the lack of high-powered resources that have search specialization and the ability to manage and optimize search performance.

The Solution: Hosted Search

If any of the above situations apply to your company, you may want to consider hosted search to index your website content and make it available for searching. Similar to the way search engines like Google or Bing are able to index your website content and make it searchable, so can a hosted search service provider. This means any public facing content can be processed by an external hosted search provider, such as Cloud Search Portal. Since the content is already publicly available, content security should be non-issue.

The advantage of using a hosted search provider is you control what content should be crawled from your website and how often it should be automatically refreshed. Most importantly, you also control how the search results should be ranked and presented to the user.

How Hosted Search Works

Hosted search is managed and optimized by enterprise search professionals who continually monitor the search service performance and tweak the results to maximize customer satisfaction and answer to business objectives.

Hosted search providers tend to be cost effective because they share their professional resources and computing platform among multiple customers and departments. This can result in a 20% to 40% reduction in operational costs. Not to mention, hosted search will free up the search service manager and product owners so they can focus their attention on managing customer satisfaction and other business metrics such as conversion rates and call center volume reductions.

If you are managing large volumes of content that is intended for internal employees and not for general public consumption, the hosted search solution package can also be deployed behind the firewall within a corporation. The same search technology professionals who manage the public facing search service can be deployed to manage your intranet hosted search service as well.

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