Why FAST Search for SharePoint?

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  • Enterprise Search is a critical application
  • FAST has unparalleled capabilities to connect people with the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Enterprises that need to manage multiple website properties or multiple content repositories and shared folders can leverage the powerful capabilities of FAST to deliver a unified access to all of their information assets.
  • FAST offers a highly scalable and secure search platform that delivers highly relevant, timely and accurate answers that enable organizations to use information to gain competitive advantage and operate more efficiently.

FAST for ShaePoint Features

Highlights of Key Advanced Features include:
■ Enterprise content processing – index and merge content from multiple content sources, not just html/pdf
■ Managed search results sorting – control what is palced in top 10 results based on business rules, not popularity
■ Contextual search – information returned on sales section of your website must be presented differently from support side of your website.
■ Deep refinement – returns accurate counts on navigator elements, based on entire index content
■ Customizable search – you can add any custom extensions to extract entities, mash up with other content etc.
■ Extreme scalability -  hundreds of millions of documents indexed while maintating excellent performance and smaller server footprint.
■ Rich web indexing – integration with multimedia content processor plug-ins for indexing video, audio and even image color extraction.
■ Similar results – very powerful document vector based searching useful in profile based matching
■ Thumbnails and Previews
■ Tunable relevance with multiple rank profiles – search results ranking profile for news information is time sensitive, for ecommerce it may be lower price or high inventory.
■ Visual best bets – content spotlighting related to entered searc hkeywords.

All of these advanced features can be leveraged to help you deliver the right information
that is tailored to match needs of each user group.

The cumulative effect of these advanced features can make the difference between satisfied customers coming back for more information and those who might abandon the website in frustration.

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