FAST SharePoint Integration

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Big Data

If you are launching a major content managment upgrade project involving complex search deploymnets; or deploying FAST Search services in your SharePoint environment, we would be happy to share the benefits of our extensive experience to help assure your success.

We can assist in systems design, technology architecture development and in project management.

Success in integrating an Enterprise Search platform into your current content management evnironment requires critical review and analysis of four important factors:

    1. Overall business objectives and success criteria for the search up grade
    2. What content will be indexed, what repositories it resides in and what metadata needs to be processed
    3. What categories of users will be accessing the content and what search interaction is to be provided for each user category
    4. What content processing functions and what custom configuration will be needed to support the above outlined requirements

The outcome of this review and analysis is used to complete the technical requirements and to produce a detailed implementation plan that leverages our expertise and knowledge of search best practices.

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