ACIS Launches FAST for SharePoint Competency Center

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(Toronto , Canada) ACIS Consulting Inc. (ACIS) one of the most experienced FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP) technology developers and systems integrators; has announced the launch of FAST for SharePoint Competency Center. The competency center is intended to offer Microsoft FAST technology integration services to SharePoint customers. Other SharePoint partners who may need rapid deployment assistance while they are developing their in-house FAST for SharePoint search technology expertise can also take advantage of the FAST for SharePoint Competency Center professional services.

ACIS has been developing FAST ESP based solutions since 2003, helping to deliver advanced search solutions to major customers such as New York Times, McGraw-Hill Publications, Ontario Government, Canwest Global Communications etc. This vast experience in building large scale search based solutions has enabled ACIS to develop expertise in search based solution designs and also to accumulate an extensive library of search related function modules that can be quickly configured to deliver a customized solution that is tailored to match each customer’s unique business requirements.

During the past few weeks and months, ACIS has been migrating this extensive library of functions to work within the FAST for SharePoint technology platform. In addition to the ability to quickly stand up search services that leverage the advanced capabilities of the FAST for SharePoint product, Microsoft SharePoint customers can take advantage of the ACIS libraries to quickly and cost effectively deploy other search related functional extensions such as:

  • Automated content classification, categorization and entity extraction for dynamic filtering within search results
  • Configuration and deployment of search portal that processes hundreds of millions of documents from multiple data sources and optimized to deliver sub-second response time performance
  • Location aware searching that integrates with interactive maps (Bing Maps, Google Maps)
  • Multiple departments sharing a common search index while each retaining its branding look and feel and offering search interaction that suits its user profile
  • Social network aware search interaction that adjusts search results based on interest profile or “popularity” weighting.
  • Wireless search interface

If you have been wondering about how to take advantage of the FAST for SharePoint technology to help improve customer satisfaction with your search service or improve internal employee productivity by enabling quick access to the right information, we would be happy to help.

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