Service Benefits

Enterprise Search serves as a primary tool for connecting customers to the information they need.  As content volumes continue to grow rapidly, finding information becomes increasingly difficult, often leading to customer dissatisfaction, lost sales and additional work for call centers. 

Large organizations with multiple departments or various affiliate websites can avoid independent search implementations, with all of the inherent development and support costs.  Sharing the search expertise needed to continually monitor, tune and adapt to the changing environment allows organizations to meet customers’ evolving needs more efficiently.

Implementing Enterprise Search as a shared service has the added benefits of standardization, leveraging search best practices, and centralized detection of malicious content.

To summarize, the key advantages for the client are:

  • Turnkey packaged solution
  • Usage-based pricing – expenses that expand and contract with use
  • Scalability to meet any projected growth
  • No capital expense for dedicated infrastructure
  • Reliability and performance through defined SLA’s
  • Vendor managed
  • Rich list of pre-packaged, actionable reports
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention rates by providing an improved search experience.

For the data center service provider, CloudSearchPortal has advantages as a client service:

  • Maximizes resource utilization
  • Simplifies planning and management
  • Many data centers are under-utilized with huge fixed costs
  • Helps to reduce costs by sharing computing resources, technology expertise and licensing costs
  • Complete solution plus services package that includes a cloud-based IT infrastructure, a highly advanced enterprise search platform, professional consulting and management services that ties it all together.