Does Your Organization Suffer from Search Strategy Paradox?

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Here is a common paradox many companies struggle with regarding their Enterprise Search Strategy:

While most CIOs will agree that enterprise search is a strategic application that impacts customer satisfaction and company bottom line; many of these same companies  find themselves struggling with no formal organizational structures to manage search as a strategic tool.

Businesses are searching for ways to increase sales and customer satisfaction, and reduce costs associated with call centers. Ironically, search technology itself is not always included as one of the answers.

In an online-dependent world, enterprise search is essential for businesses to stand out against competitors and the foundation for online customer satisfaction. It is a strategic application that has direct impact on conversion rates and the customers’ satisfaction with an entire company and its brand – not just the website.

Despite these potential benefits, it is common to hear customers complaining about poor search experiences that drive large number of disgruntled customers flooding the call center queues.

How Are You Impacted By This Paradox?

Here are some questions with “yes” or “no” answers that can be asked within your organization to provoke some strategic discussions regarding search:

  • Is there anyone within the organization who cares about search; whose performance metrics are directly tied to customer satisfaction with search?
  • Are there tools available for evaluating links between business metrics and search user interaction outcomes?
  • Do marketing and sales teams have direct access to see what campaign keywords are being used on the website?
  • Can they directly modify what should be among the top search results?
  • If you could increase conversion rates by 10%, can you quantify the ROI?
  • Are your customer support representatives able to directly review trending support related questions?
  • Can CSRs update content on your website to quickly answer popular support questions?
  • Can CSRs directly modify what should be among the top search results for any support question?
  •  If you could reduce call volumes to call centers by 10%, can you quantify the ROI?

If you’ve answered “No” to many of these questions, it may be time to start evaluating your search strategy and how you might be able to leverage this technology to help you achieve your business objectives.

Ultimately, search equals accessibility. If a company is transparent on all aspects (with their website, customer service and anything else in small print) then customers will likewise be more accessible to them. It’s a cycle of satisfaction.

The critical initial step in resolving the search strategy paradox is to start treating search as a service….


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