The New Directory of Canadian Associations – A Valuable Resource

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If you were to find a well designed directory of Canadian Associations and if this tool were to be made freely accessible, would it be useful to you?

We certainly would have been interested. We were looking for a publicly accessible directory of trade associations that can be used to search and connect with certain types of associations that are likely to be  interested in a new product that we launched recently. We were very surprised to discover there are very limited resources for researching associations as a group.

Given our expertise in search technology, we thought maybe we could “Google” our way to compile the list of associations we were interested in. Although we were able to find hundreds of data points in various places around the internet; it quickly became very clear that no service existed that organized the contents of trade associations and that can be used to glean the type of business intelligence that we were looking for.

The Industry Canada directory of trade and business associations is probably among the best sources we have found, that is publicly accessible.(We were not able to locate anything even remotely close from the US government side.) However, we found that the Industry Canada  search directory contained only one page of high level description about each association and did not have the depth of content that was needed for our purposes. We were not able to determine how fresh the description content was and we also needed interactive search capability to quickly drill down within the returned search results so we could pin point the right organization during each search session.

We had an internal discussion about this situation and came to the realization that , if we were wasting so much time trying to connect with the right association, there must be many others who are facing similar difficulty connecting with the right association. We therefore decided to create a full-fledged interactive Directory of  Canadian Associations and decided to make it publicly accessible for all to use.

What it is

The Directory of Canadian Associations is a search portal of Canadian associations and chamber of commerce websites whose publicly accessible content has been compiled, categorized and indexed. The search index is fresh and up-to-date as it is continually updated to reflect the content changes on the websites of each association. In addition to serving fresh content, the directory also enables interactive search capability based on any search keyword: topic keyword, person name, association name, location name or any search term that is contained within the website of any of the associations included in the directory. Each search result returned will show the Association logo along with a profile pop-up that allows easy review of the returned search results.

Simply put: You can use this directory to find a list of associations that discuss a given topic on their website.

Use it to Connect with Associations and People in the Industry

If  you are looking to connect with an association that are engaged in certain topic or certain industry, you can enter a search keyword to find such associations. For example, to discover associations that are interested in “sustainable water solutions” you simply enter “sustainable water solutions” as a search keyword. If you click to see the “Display: Advanced ” you can narrow down your search results by “city”, “person name”, “company segment” etc.

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