Is Site Search Critical to Your Business Success? We Can Help You Succeed!

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CloudSearch Portal is a managed technology services offering that you can use to offload
the tasks of day to day management and optimization of the search engine for your website. This enables you to shift your focus to the core objective of ensuring that your customers are delighted with the search experience.

A team of search experts assume responsibility for optimizing your Enterprise search operations so your internal resources can be dedicated to running your business.

TheĀ CloudSearch Portal team offers a wealth of expertise in operating high availability search solutions, and puts the experience from hundreds of successful mission critical search applications to work for your company. With full service search management, you can rest assured that your search solution is operating at peak performance and fully leverages the capabilities of a world class search technology platform.

CloudSearch Portal is deployed on a Tier 3 data center managed by a Class 1 Telco company here in Canada. The same total solution package can also be deployed by any hosting service provider or even your in-house data center to operate your internal search service.

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