Service Features

CloudSearchPortal is an application package that extends Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint to enable it to be used as a multi-tenanted cloud-based service.

All the search features of Microsoft FAST Server 2010 for SharePoint, including crawling, content indexing, management of results, and administration are available. Multiple departments within your organization can access and manage these features as a cloud-based shared service.

The CloudSearchPortal total service package also includes consulting and support services to reduce or eliminate the requirement for cloud providers and their clients to have specialized in-house expertise that are dedicated to management of search technologies.

CloudSearchPortal includes a number of on-demand expert services, including:

  • Evaluation and analysis of the current search service to identify areas for improvement
  • Search Best Practices based recommendations that are specific to each customer and industry
  • Access to search expertise from ACIS Consulting for development of custom content processing or designing advanced search user interactions
  • Operational support for the service via remote access
  • Continual monitoring of performance and quality of service

Additional features for the client include:

  • Multi-user search and search results management – each client can create a unique look and feel and branding so that the search results have exactly the same style as the rest of their website.
  • Defined search profile and business rules – each client can define search profile parameters that include ranking rules, which search views to use, the location of the search results template, etc.
  • Formatting of search results – results returned from a query can be formatted to meet each client’s presentation requirements.
  • Query keyword cleansing and malicious content filtering – a centralized function for cleansing user query inputs to remove any injection of malicious or illegal characters.  This allows multiple a large corporation with multiple departments to conduct a threat and penetration assessment once and to share the service  across all departments .