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Improve Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Costs
January 19, 2013, Comments Off

Cloud Based Content Cleansing and Categorization Imagine a company that has hundreds of thousands of documents that have been scattered in multitudes of shared folders within the corporation during the …


Search Based Solution Development

January 19, 2013, Comments Off

Search Based Solution Development Search based solution development is the core competency of ACIS Consulting. A search based solution may mean differ ...


Search Technology Consulting

January 19, 2013, Comments Off

Many companies invest vast amounts of resources on enterprise content management systems that are intended to improve productivity and to help them re ...


Cloud Based Enterprise Search Management

January 19, 2013, Comments Off

  Many companies that manage largeĀ  volumes of information assets to serve large scale client bases rely on Enterprise Search technology as a cr ...

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    FAST SharePoint Integration
    January 19, 2013, Comments Off

    If you are launching a major content managment upgrade project involving complex search deploymnets; or deploying FAST Search services in your SharePoint environment, we would be happy to share the ...