A Look Back (and Forward) at Enterprise Search Trends

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Believe it or not, search technology dates back to the early 1960s. There’s always been a notion that information retrieval and Enterprise Search should be behind every content repository in the enterprise; but the need to connect the two is becoming  more compelling and more apparent during the past few years. Enterprise Search communities are beginning to realize the benefits of leveraging their information assets to generate revenue and improve customer service.

According to studies, 90 per cent of companies report that search is the number one means of navigation on their website. Paradoxically, a Findwise survey, backed up by the Digital Workplace Trends Report, shows that less than 20 per cent of these companies actually have a strategy for search. Fortunately this poor showing  is expected to change in 2013.

Enterprise Search in 2012 has been a significant learning process for organizations across the globe. Companies are responding to user demands and are implementing search solutions that are:

  • More interactive and responsive
  •  Socially aware
  •  Deeply integrated with enterprise applications
  •  Driven by user interaction and feedback to determine what is relevant

A trend has started to develop among Enterprise Search communities: it’s not about technology, it’s about people and about customer satisfaction. Organizations are discovering ways to transform their Enterprise Search strategies to improve customer satisfaction while, at the same time, reducing costs.

Effective search systems are transformative to businesses in a number of ways, including: supporting ecommerce by improving conversion rates and reducing website abandonment; supporting customer interaction to improve satisfaction and therefore decrease the number of support call volumes; and self-help customer portals that save money and allow customers to find information independently. Read more about these benefits here.

The Big IT Buzz for 2013

The biggest buzz for Enterprise Search in 2013 will focus on Big Data and cloud computing – both have potential to drive business growth and innovation. These are powerful technology trends that are gathering momentum  and it is essential for CIOs and enterprises to understand how these can be leveraged to support innovation.

Big Data is predicted to break the disconnect between the CIO and CMO. Search driven Big Data analytics can bring unrivaled insights to marketing campaigns and engage customers in a way that significantly increases organizations’ ROI.

General Electric estimates that a Big Data driven industrial Internet could boost energy efficiency and save trillions globally in economic activity by 2025.

Today, data centers are no longer enclosed by walls and companies have the opportunity to expand their infrastructure quickly and cost effectively. In 2013, the cloud will be fully ready for enterprise workloads.

As we transform these ideas from concept to reality, we can expect big things in 2013. From the cloud, to responsive design, to Big Data, Enterprise Search will continue to be at the core of these advances.

ACIS Consulting has recently launched cloud based search portal service to support organizations that are ready to reap the benefits of this ever-evolving technology.

There is one area where search technology will not help, and you have to do yourself:

 May you find wonderful things in the new year, may you search and discover what is truly important and find the time to embrace it!

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