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Are you interested in : Finding new ways to add value to the membership of your association? Making your association website a vital hub for discovering information related to your …

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CloudSearchPortal by ACIS Consulting is a managed service offering that enables search service managers to deliver unparalleled value to businesses. With CloudSearchPortal, customers can move their search service from a …

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Many companies that manage large  volumes of information assets to serve large scale client bases rely on Enterprise Search technology as a critical success factor to help them deliver highly …

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A Key Benefit of Moving to the Cloud: Business Process Transformation
For many organizations, business process transformation is the key to delivering competitive and operational advantages.

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Does Your Organization Suffer from Search Strategy Paradox?
Most CIOs will agree that enterprise search is a strategic application that impacts customer satisfaction and company bottom line..however many companies are struggling with no formal process to manage search as a strategic tool…

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A Step Beyond SEO: Defining Your E-SEO Strategy
How well optimized is your own website search engine to engage visitors, once they arrive at your website?

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Service Offerings


Member Product Promotion Platform for Associations

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Trade associations are always looking for ways to continue delivering value added services and remain relevant to their membership. They need to find ...


Search Based Solution Development

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Search Based Solution Development Search based solution development is the core competency of ACIS Consulting. A search based solution may mean differ ...


Search Technology Consulting

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Many companies invest vast amounts of resources on enterprise content management systems that are intended to improve productivity and to help them re ...